Walkers Reserve Apiary Programme (WRAP)

What is WRAP

The Walkers Reserve Apiary Programme, better known as WRAP, is a beekeeping cooperative that supports regenerative beekeeping practices.  We prioritize the health of bee populations over their commercialization to build robust environmental and community benefits in light of a changing climate.  This includes supporting local endemic species in addition to honeybees to build resilience in our local pollinators and food systems.  

One may believe that regenerative beekeeping is a new concept, however, this form of beekeeping has been used by our ancestors who kept bees thousands of years ago.  The regenerative approach to beekeeping involves forgoing the use of antibiotics, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), herbicides and pesticides.  We abstain from using commercial treatments such as miticides and medications. 

Biodiversity and Healthy Ecosystems

Bees are important pollinators, known to pollinate an estimated 80% of plant worldwide.  This free pollination service provided by these tiny insects increases plant genetic diversity and yield.  Without these pollinators, nearly three-quarters of the world’s crops would cease to grow which would lead to a significant increase in world hunger.  

Bees not only diversify crops but depend on this diversity to supply them with all nutrients needed for a healthy colony.  Therefore, having bees on single-crop farms can be quite detrimental to the bees as this only provides them with specific nutrients and voids them of others.  Also, when the bloom on the single crop ends, food, home, and health of the honeybee is compromised. WRAP has situated Apiaries in areas of high diversity which allows bee to obtain many nutrients and also have a source of pollen and nectar year-round.

Take a Bee Tour

Experience the buzzing world of honeybees in such a way that only a handful have been exposed to.  Find out why these little insects add so much value to our lives.

You will be suited up in full bee gear and led into one of our Apiaries by a professional beekeeper where you will get up close and personal with these fascinating insects, learning about bee castes, the daily life of a honeybee, precious resources such as honey and the life of a beekeeper in Barbados.

There is lots to learn and at the end of all the fun and excitement, you will be heading home with a small jar of ‘liquid gold’ to remind you of your memorable experience with us and the bees.

Contact us today, to book your bee tour!

WRAP Services
Beehive Removals and Relocations

Bees can decide to build their homes in areas where you feel unsafe.  In the event that this occurs, you can contact WRAP to remove these bees and relocate them to a safe location where they can thrive.

Hive Management

Some persons may be interested in keeping an Apiary on property but have no interest in managing these hives.  WRAP offers hive management services that will result in a strong and healthy hive, producing a surplus of honey that can be harvested and enjoyed.

Pollination Services

If you have a farm or garden that you wish to be genetically diverse and yield more crops, you can call WRAP to place a hive on property.

Equipment Sales

WRAP sells a wide range of beekeeping equipment, whether for the upcoming beekeeper or established beekeeper.  Contact us to see what’s in stock.

Honey & Wax Production

During honey flow season, the bees produce a surplus of honey which is harvested, packaged and sold by WRAP.   

When this honey is harvested, so is the wax as the wax is used to stored the honey.  This wax is then processed to produce beeswax which is also sold

Education & Outreach

Should you be interested in beekeeping but have no idea where to begin, WRAP provides training packages that will allow you to gain knowledge and experience on bees and beekeeping on the island.  

Volunteer With WRAP

Are you a new beekeeper who wants to gain more experience with bees?  Or maybe you are interested in beekeeping but want to ‘test the waters’ before deciding how deeply you want to delve into beekeeping? Then the WRAP Volunteer activity is for you.

You will gain knowledge and experience on bees, whether it be through beekeeping, bee equipment sales, marketing, bee tours/experiences and lots more.  

Please email us for more information on how you can become a volunteer at WRAP.

To connect with one of WRAP’s team members call: 1-246-250-9752 or email at wrap@walkersreserve.com