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Immerse yourself in one of the most unique destinations in Barbados. Walkers Reserve, located on the rugged east coast, offers an eclectic range of tours for everyone to choose from. We have guided tours for those who want an in-depth educational experience and self guided for those who want to take their own route and explore the reserve.

We also offer a bee experience where visitors will get suited up and visit one of our apiaries, getting up close and personal with honeybees.

The choice is yours!


Reconnect with nature as you immerse yourself in the wonders of Walkers Reserve. Experience breathtaking views and learn about our regeneration project.

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Enjoy spectacular views, reconnect with nature and learn about our regeneration project while being driven along the winding trails at the Reserve.

Local Discounted Rate Available

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Walkers Reserve, one of the most unique destinations in Barbados. Be your own guide as you tour the Reserve at your leisure.

Experience the buzzing world of honeybees in a truly unique way. Gain an understanding of  the importance of these insects and the incredible value they add to our lives.

A professional tour guide will lead school groups through many areas of the site, educating our future leaders on various aspects of this beautiful location in its grandeur.

Give your loved ones the gift of adventure. Review our tour options and decide which activity best suites their taste. To receive more informative connect contact with us before purchasing.

Delve into Barbadian culture

Walkers Reserve offers more than a tour, visitors will have access to a full day of immersive experiences on the East Coast of Barbados.


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