Merry Christmas

Give a gift that gives back this holiday season

Why Donate?

This Christmas season, plant a tree for your loved one and give a gift that keeps on giving! Through your donation you are giving nature a voice, helping to fight climate change, growing nutritious food for those in need and ensuring our sustainable future!

How Will you receive your gift?


Upon completing your donation you will receive a thank you email from WIRRED detailing all the information from your donation. 

Gift Certificates

The recipient of the gift will virtually receive their certificate once the payment is complete. However, if you want to give the gift certificate physically you can choose to print it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you donate to WIRRED, you are contributing to building habitats, creating ecosystems and increasing biodiversity. Our regeneration project is creating a model for climate resiliency to help fight climate change here at home and around the world. 

After you purchase your tree, we will notify our team at Walkers Reserve and they will plant it in your honour.

Feel free to send an email to to arrange a tree planting activity. 

One Tree Heroes

Our One Tree Heroes are those who have contributed to the program by taking part in a tree planting activity! 

The One Tree for Every Bajan program offers Bajans an opportunity to help improve their environment, build habitat, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon and build climate resilience. 

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