Help Us Plant One Tree for Every Bajan!

Celebrate Barbados’ 55th Anniversary of Independence by donating to our reforestation project. Help us reach our goal of planting One Tree for Every Bajan! 

Show your patriotic spirit by contributing to the growth of food forests, providing sustenance for those in need. Fight climate change by offsetting your carbon footprint and making Barbados a greener place, ensuring our sustainable future. 

Donations can be done in two (2) ways

Donate on your own behalf

Fill out the donation form with your information and select the amount you would like to contribute to our cause.


Gift a tree

Your donation can be a gift this Independence season. Provide the necessary information for your loved one and choose the amount you would like to gift on their behalf.


Join the movement and help us reach our goal of planting 285,000 trees for every Bajan!