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Reconnecting to Nature Through Art and Design


Creating and interacting with art that reflects the natural world can strengthen our relationship to nature and inspire us to take action. WIRRED recognizes environmental education through art and design as a form of experiential learning that aims to develop understanding, care, and responsibility for our planet.

Through the use of various art forms, WIRRED is creating a space to observe and facilitate conversation around nature, design, science, and technology while honoring the traditions of the space we inhabit.


  • Engaging and encouraging our community through art and creation
  • Empowering developing identities as positive environmental changemakers
  • Promoting conservation and regeneration of our natural environment


Over the past months, WIRRED has invited Barbados community members, corporate teams, youth and activist groups, and other various stakeholders to create art on tree-shaped templates that expresses their feelings for our island nation.
At the end of Art For Trees, we are planning an installation for folks across Barbados.
View the Art For Trees Gallery on Instagram to see how our community is rising up for Barbados through artistic expression!